Swiss Smile Lip Balm Gloss - Day & Night

Swiss Smile Lip Balm Gloss - Day & Night

SKU: 2375

Keep your lips silky-soft and ready for kissing even during the colder season of the year with the Lip Care Day Gloss & Night Care Set by Swiss Smile. The set includes the Day Gloss Nude for during the day and the Night Care Lip Balm, which intensely nourishes the lips as you sleep.

  • Description

    The Day Gloss & Night Care Set by Swiss Smile is the ideal lip care duo for the winter and will put the focus on your lips. The Day Gloss Nude pampers your lips with moisturising ingredients while giving them a seductive sheen. The tingling Instant Boosting Effect compensates for lines and small wrinkles to make your lips look even more sensuous. In contrast, the Night Care Lip Balm is a nighttime energiser which makes your lips silky-smooth again as you sleep. The premium quality formulation which includes oxygen binding Epaline oil which minimises lines, rebuilds the skin’s natural protection and makes the lips smooth again. For the best results, the gloss and lip balm should be used regularly.